Bankomat is the leader in ATMs in Sweden. Under the Bankomat® brand, they operate and manage ATMs and CDMs in more than 500 locations in Sweden.
The assignment was to strengthen the Bankomat® brand through an improved web service and simplify the administration of the website.
My Role and contributions
  • User research
  • User experience and design concept
  • Art direction for imagery and graphics
  • Delivering finals and conducting development
Research and concept
Bankomat’s previous digital presence consisted of a corporate website and the mobile app Hitta Bankomat. The website had information for card issuers and ATM-owners whilst the mobile app was focused on the actual users of ATMs.

By looking at the visitor statistics and app download rates, it became apparent that users would rather look at the web-version of “Hitta Bankomat” than download an app which they would rarely use. The website, however, wasn’t adjusted for smartphones and was very hard to use in a mobile browser.

I decided to combine the mobile app with the website and rethink their web presence – from a corporate website to a user-focused service.
Work process
We first agreed on structure, core functions and content with all stakeholders before we started with the design. Bankomat has outstanding requirements in security and it was very important that everybody knew exactly what to do during the production process. 
Visual design
Bankomat’s design strategy is built heavily on their brand color. We avoided
unnecessary style elements, like gradients and rounded boxes, and instead focused on a clear and simply structured typography. The best case would be that “the user shouldn’t think about the design” at all.
Some learnings
To agree with stakeholders on core functions and content before starting with visual design is a good approach. A design process should start with the actual problem to solve or with the value a website gives to a visitor and not with choosing a color scheme or imagery.