Cinema and Café Tellus

Tellus is a neighborhood movie theater operated by a nonprofit cultural organization. Today they have around seventy members who do everything from baking cakes to repair projectors. The organization is financially and politically independent.

Tellus had asked creatives in the neighborhood to redesign their logo. As I really like the organisation I designed a logo solution based on a custom made typeface.
The shape of the custom made typeface is based on the sign "Tellus" that sits above the theater entrance. It is the basis for the logo and serves as a thread through the entire graphic profile.
I wanted the logotype to express the cinema’s large range of activities and events and let it vary on special occasions.
Four seasons
You can creatively create countless versions of the logotype without losing the recognition factor because the wordmark’s shape.
Not applied
This design is a proposal and currently not applied. However it was a great exercise to create a custom made typeface to get a unique identity.